The Head Honcho

Greetings! Eclectikread is the brainchild of Christa Newkirk who is an advocate for women, mental health and education. She is passionate about all forms of artistic expression; and with her imaginative and strategic mind, she works both sides of her brain moving from the big picture to the minute details with ease. Her professional experience includes over 10 years in a variety of marketing, development … Continue reading The Head Honcho

Welcome to Eclectikread

Eclectikread. Our name is both a declaration and reminder that a book isn’t its cover, and its ending rarely comes without twists and turns. Regardless of the journey, a solution is always available in business and in life. Our hope is this forum, our services and the opportunities to connect, helps provide insight, hope and clarity on your purpose – a means to reach your full … Continue reading Welcome to Eclectikread